Improving Participant Outcomes

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Personalization, Helping Employees Achieve a Financially Secure Retirement One Employee at a Time

Employees get the one-on-one guidance they need.

Not enough people make financial education a priority for children, which results in young adults entering a surprisingly complex financial world, without the financial behaviors necessary to survive and thrive. Let’s change the retirement conversation, making it more relevant and meaningful to each participant on a personal level. In the realm of retirement savings, there are two ways to help employees save: Either you do it for them  (auto everything), or you make it more natural and pleasant. The participant experience must be pushed beyond the “what’s my number” conversation, to a dialogue about the amount of income that savings can buy. This will redirect participants from focusing on a point in time in which they can retire, to a “what’s in it for me” mind set of it being a life-long experience.

Providing Participants with a Sense of Self Empowerment

  • Introduce a GAP calculator to illustrate any retirement income shortfall
  • Identify family wide financial priorities
  • Develop good credit skills
  • Improve financial behaviors
  • Work together to create a game plan that will lead to
    • lower debt,
    • establishing budgets and
    • savings success

Achieving a financially secure retirement isn’t going to happen by accident and neither is the game plan that is go to get you there.


The ability for employees to contribute to the plan extends to circumstances involving their entire family and financial situation.  Throughout life many people encounter situations requiring special needs with no one to turn to for guidance.