TPAs & Advisors

Working with TPA’s and Advisor’s

If you’re a TPA thinking of offering 3(16) fiduciary services or an Advisor that wants to set itself apart from its competition, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of partnering with The Retirement Readiness Institute.

The TPA 3(16) model is typically limited to

  • reviewing and authorizing participant requests,
  • coordinating the preparation and delivery of required participant notices and
  • signing the form 5500, leaving all the rest of the 3(16) responsibilities to the plan sponsor.

A partnership with The Retirement Readiness Institute can help TPA’s and employers alike recapture critical time lost, lower fiduciary liability, improve their respective profitability and enhance participant outcomes.

A partnership with Broker Dealers provides a heightened level of fiduciary compliance oversight while providing Advisors with the ability to differentiate themselves, answering the two biggest plan sponsor questions:

  • Why should they allow you to work with them and their employees?
  • What makes your team different?

We help plan sponsors limit their involvement to as little as:

  • their duty to monitor the Institute, consisting of (2) 30 minute compliance meetings usually conducted online,
  • controlling plan design
  • providing census and compensation data
  • remitting plan contributions

We help plan advisors re-engineer their value and increase business by:

  • providing them with fiduciary training and plan sponsors with our fiduciary expertise
  • providing CRM based documented evidence to support the reasonableness of their fee as defined under 408(b)(2).
  • providing an online appointment scheduler for both prospects and participants
  • providing participant services that will drive ancillary business to the advisor
  • providing benchmarking reports
  • providing lists of plans in their area having red flags that identify reasons a plan sponsor would want to speak with them

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